Gold, gold and more gold has been (and continues to be) an ongoing theme for the region. Natural riches coupled with a robust rural industry and tales of bushranger shenanigans have seen the area produce catalogues full of Local Legends and Characters.

Many of the towns and villages were built in the mad rush of “gold fever”. Some of the smallest villages like Cargo enjoyed an absolute boom in their early years – the likes of which they have never seen again. It is hard to believe Mullion Creek and Ophir were once teaming with prospectors.

It’s not hard to imagine the crime that came with this settlement. The ongoing battle with bushrangers is a reoccurring theme throughout the region's history. The tales are interwoven in folk law and readily embraced as part of the character that makes up the colourful history of each settlement.

Home to many heritage listed buildings and exciting historic tales, a glimpse of the past can be explored in the many museums, streetscapes, historical sites and character filled country pubs.

Delve deeper and discover the historic riches…